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Watson Natural Language Understanding

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About Watson Cloud Services

IBM provides several Watson APIs for analysis and insight.

Extrata supports the following APIs:

Compare and ComplyEnable understanding of governing business documents with pre-trained models
Discovery (Experimental)Classify elements in documents.
Natural Language UnderstandingAnalyze text for categories, concepts, emotions and more.
Personality InsightsPredict personality characteristics in text
Speech to TextConvert speech in audio to text
Tone AnalyserEvaluate tone in a text source


How to get your API Connection Details

How to identify your data center

  1. From your IBM Cloud account, go to your resource list and select your service instance.
  2. In the header, there should be a Location label with a value like “Dallas”. That is your data center location.

How to get your API key

  1. From your IBM Cloud account, go to your resource list and select your service instance.
  2. On that page, there should be a Credentials section.
  3. To reveal your API key, click on the Show Credentials link.
  4. The value in the API key box is your API key.


About Natural Language Understanding

API Version Support: 2018-11-16

IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding provides tools that perform natural language processing on your documents.

Support in Extrata

CategoriesCategorize content using a classification hierarchy
ConceptsIdentify high level concepts that may not be directly referenced in the text
EmotionAnalyze emotion conveyed by phrases or the document
EntitiesFind people, places, events and other entities mentioned in the content
KeywordsSearch content for relevant keywords


For further information on Natural Language Understanding and its API, check out the IBM Getting Started Guide for Natural Language Understanding and the API reference.



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