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Extrata is a desktop tool that extracts data from a service and lets you save the data locally. There are multiple Editions of Extrata:

  1. Demo
  2. Enterprise

The Demo version is a free but limited version of Extrata, while the Enterprise version is a full, paid version of Extrata that also comes with a command line interface (CLI) for Windows. The CLI lets you run Extrata from other tools, including the Windows Task Scheduler and software with shell support.

The Demo version is fully featured, but some services may throttled or limit the number of requests that can be made.

General Concepts

From a high level, there are four key terms you need to understand when using Extrata.

  1. A Service is a data provider. This provider can be a database, a cloud service, or a local file.
  2. A Source is a defined connection to a Service. For example, if you are connecting to a database server, that defined connection would include information such as the server name, the database name, and your user credentials.
  3. A Project is a logical grouping of Tasks. In other words, you can think of a Project like a folder. Projects have some information associated with them, such as a name, and some defaults that get applied to new tasks.
  4. A Task is a defined operation for a source. In other words, the task makes an actual request or query to the source. For example, a task against a database source would be a SQL statement. Depending on the service and source, you can set various parameters around a task to fine tune what data is extracted, and how it is saved locally.

Hey, It's Free!

Well, we can't really give a discount on a price of $0.
Go ahead and download Extrata and start getting data from all your services.


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