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Exporting & Importing a Project Package

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You can export the contents of a Project including the tasks and the associated source.  Exporting to a package allows you to save content and create templates that can be shared with other users. Exporting also allows you to backup specific content and make the content portable so that it can be moved to other environments.

Video – Working with Tasks

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Exporting a Project Package
  1. Select “Projects” from the left menu page and click on the project name you would like to export.
  2. Click the  “Create Export Package” icon.
  3. Enter the “Save To” location for the package.
  4. Click the “Include Secrets” checkbox if you would like to include secrets in the export.  If you include secrets, your passwords and API keys will be included in the zip file. Secrets are required if you want to use this package with the Extrata Command Line tool. If you are sharing this package with someone else as a template, then DO NOT INCLUDE SECRETS.
  5. Enter a password for the export.
  6. Click Backup.  The export will be saved as a Zip file in the Save location defined in step 3.
Importing a Project Package
  1. Select “Projects” from the left menu page and click on the  “Import Package from Export” icon.
  2. Enter or browse to the location where the Zip package is located.  Enter that into the “Import From” field.
  3. Enter the password that was entered during the export step.
  4. Click Restore.  The import will save the contents of the zip package to Extrata.

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